Supply Side Dynamics of Light Engineering: Perspectives from Bangladesh

Using existing pre-fabricated products to produce spare parts (i.e. castings, molds and dices, oil and gas pipeline fittings and light machinery) the Light Engineering (LE) sector plays a major role in the manufacturing  sectors. Primary consumers of the LE sector consists of industries in power generation, consumer goods, agriculture, construction companies and other small manufacturing firms. The LE industry serves as a supporting sub-industry by contributing 1.5% in export earnings (2016). However, the LE sector is underutilized; starting from raw material procurement to delivering final products to consumers.

Using a structured questionnaire, 100 responses from respondents were collected to determine the major constraints faced by the industry (from the perspective of supply procurement). This paper addresses the supply dynamics of LE sector through the product offerings (practice, prospects and challenges) and the supply side constraints faced by the stakeholders of the industry.

The study contributes to existing body of literature by providing a focal supply dynamics the LE industry rather than a generalized overview as present in existing literature.